Text Box: Situated on the banks of the Ohio River and Little Sandy Creek, Overlooking Buffington Island is  Riverside Campground.

If  you are looking for a campground that is a little bit off the beaten path,  then visit with us at Riverside. We are located 3 miles from the town of Ravenswood. This pretty little town has everything you need  while camping.  
     There is a beautiful 18-hole public golf course about  10 miles from the campground going south, on 68 and a little 9-hole public course going north on 68.
Text Box: Riverside Campground 
Sherman, WV
Text Box: 2250 Washington Road
Sherman, WV 26173
Text Box: Phone:304-273-9271

E-mail: karen@wgrep.com
Text Box: Riverside Campground L.L.C.

The boats are being secured for the night, the fishing poles are being put away , the children are sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories and singing camp songs...now is the time for you to just sit and listen to the evening sounds.† The owl hooty-hoots the whippoorwill whispers,† alls right with the world.



Let your spirit be lifted up for this is the world God made for us.

†††† If you like to fish, the campground faces the Ohio river, and on the left side of the campground is Sandy creek.† The fishing is great.† It doesnít matter which body of water you are fishing from, you may catch the biggest fish of your life. At least this is what Iíve been told, by people from this area.

††† The boating is great here also.† We have a small boat ramp where you may launch your boat.